A Vacation Rental Destination in Southern Utah

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What is LaVerkin?

In the hot desert of Southern Utah, nestled in a Valley surrounded by Southern Utah's signature rugged red rocks and on the north bank of the Virgin River, is a tiny town called LaVerkin. And at 71 N. Main Street in La Verkin, you will find The Ardella Cottage. LaVerkin is a remarkable little ... VIEW POST

Instagram Giveaway!

Just a quick post to let you know that we are hosting a GIVEAWAY over on our Instagram account because we are so excited about two things: We have surpassed 100 followers on Instagram in just a few weeks! Thank you for your support!! We really appreciate it.Autumn is coming! The coziness of ... VIEW POST

Pt. 2 – The Cottage Before

The cottage was built in 1947. Our Grandmother--Ardella's sister, Ruth--had drawn up the original plans for the home, as she did for many of Grandpa's building projects--even though she had basically no education in the field of Architecture. Every decade or so, an addition would be made to the ... VIEW POST

Our Story – Pt. 1 – Aunt Ardella’s house

LaVerkin, Utah is not exactly the biggest town on the map. Growing up in this small Southern Utah town meant being surrounded by relatives both close and more distant, but most everyone in town shared a common pioneer ancestry. Everyone knew everyone. As kids, we had the freedom to roam the town, ... VIEW POST